The being was restless, and in its restlessness wandered the streets and alleys at midnight.
It surveyed the crawling shapes, an alien shaman presiding over their waking dreams.
And men jumping off buildings, hissing foreign profanities as they fell.
A man with exploding hands chased a heretofore unseen creature down a sidewalk in front of a parking garage.
By a dumpster behind the parking garage, he found a messiah crowned with needles.
The being saw an aquaintance. It was Lloyd.  He had been a guidance counselor at a high school. Now he was something very different.
The being was guided to a wet reflection, wherein, he discovered a sour dripping moon.  Its guardians were in a state of perpetual dismay.
An ambulance flew by and the being let its glare and cacophany cut him to ribbons.
A three-armed man carrying a morning star was looking for someone to destroy.
The victim wailed and clutched his wounds as the three-armed man scurried away.  The being saw blood and a helpless expression.
The being covered the victim's face and said softly: sleep now.
A huge rat and a tiny humanoid came to drink in the new calm, for the victim had expired, finally free to leave the alley.
The victim's head took flight, attracting the curious and the cruel.  It was time for the being to go home.
When he returned home, the being found that his neighbor had broken into his room again.  The spell the magician cast this time was the worst one yet.
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